The prospectus for the programmes may be downloaded by clicking on the title of the corresponding programme.Please click on the course directory to display the full list of subjects.

Administration & Facilities Management

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SSM 115: Professional Skills for Administrators & Secretaries
SSM 116: Information and Documentation Compliance
SSM 117: Facilities Management
SSM 118: Decision Analysis for Operation & Maintenance Professionals
SSM 119: Maintenance Management & Technology
SSM 120: Safety Management Best Practices


Certified courses

Certificate in Retail Operations – MQF Level 3

Competence Certificate in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management – MQF Level 2

The NVQ and MQF framework is explained in detail in the MQC’s website on
Other short training programmes are also offered on request.

A Certificate of Achievement endorsed by the awarding body will be provided to course participants. As with all certification, participants have to attend at least 90% of the training programme and pass the assessment (where applicable) to be awarded.


Further training opportunities

Other follow-up training courses are recommended once the participants have gained a solid ground on-the-job and wish to integrate their hands-on experiences in their formal qualifications profile.

Methods of Instruction

We believe that the message delivery in our programmes is critical to the success of the venture. Our approach is to provide the total message in bite-size chunks in a manner that is conducive to group interaction and retained learning.

Trained staff is a key element towards achieving World Class Logistical Performance by utilising best practice products and services. We ensure this high standard by engaging professional people as trainers, mentors and support coaches for our courses.

To this aim, all trainers engaged by us are professionals whose experience stems from years of practical exposure in their relative industries. Their skills are represented in Logistics, Supply-Chain Management, Human Resources and Health & Safety Management.

The suitability of our facilitators is based on their work history, previous experience and people skills. We pride ourselves in being able to walk the walk and talk the talk in the Supply-Chain environment. These facets provide a unique combination in their approach to People Development.

In-house training programmes

We design and deliver training programmes to meet any organisation’s specific requirements.

Distance Learning programmes

This flexible method for delivering training programmes is directed at those organisations wishing to train their employees without having to travel out of their country. They can also study on their own through correspondence training programmes (Internet). We also welcome trainees from other countries to follow different short and awareness courses at our Centre in Malta.

Multimedia training

This is a flexible and cost-effective method of training groups of people and utlising state-of-the-art technology.