What are the Typical Roles in Call Centres

No matter how sophisticated or high-tech a call center is, for any call center operation to be successful, it needs the right players in place to bring it all to life. Here’s a list of the key call center roles and call center jobs, from call center agents to business analysts and call center managers, to name a few.


  • Senior manager
  • Call center manager
  • Resource analyst
  • Reporting analyst
  • Computer and network analyst
  • Agent performance team (recruiter, trainer, team leader, and quality analyst)
  • Call center agents


Call Centre Qualification NVQ Level 2

This Call Centre training course teaches your employees to enter the call centre with confidence because they will be better equipped to answer questions, overcome objections and make the sale.

Call Centre and Help Desk Course

Establishing and managing a call centre and help desk requires a range of specialist knowledge and people skills. In this intensive five-day programme, an overview of the core areas is presented with clear guidelines given for implementation. Presentation of key theory is blended with case studies, group discussions, practical exercises and processes to ensure that customer satisfaction and key objectives, such as targets and service level agreements are achieved.

Customer Care Compliance Course – NVQ Level 2

Life in organisations is changing rapidly. As customer expectations continue to rise, organisations across all sectors are increasingly tasked with meeting compliance standards set by Government and international market forces that determine industry standards. Departments and their people can no longer work in isolation from others. You and your staff are required to spend a larger roportion of your time working with other parts of the business, benchmarking performance, sharing expertise, problems and solutions. In this programme you will learn how to:


  • Benchmark your product or service against those of other leading organisations
  • Review and determine critical success factors and service level agreements
  • Enrol the support of colleagues using excellent communication skills
  • Present a high quality image to your internal customers by demonstrating your expertise
  • Learn how to act as an internal consultant within your own organisation
  • Marketing your services in the right place, at the right time and at the right price
  • Manage relationships effectively with other departments


Sales & Retail Programme

Retail has long been one of the most competitive sales environments, and the competition only continues to increase. It is vital to all retailers that we make the most of every marketing euro and every customer by giving our retail sales staff the skills and confidence to professionally manage, control and close sales. This course will provide your team with skills and techniques to close more customers whilst providing great customer service and not creating a pushy forceful sale.

Certificate in Retail Operations – MQF Level 3

The Certificate in Retail Operations course has been developed to meet the requirements in the industry and the standards needed for retail operations accreditation. The Certificate MQF Level 3 is a unique program that fits into your workplace or adapts to your environment allowing you to gain the skills you need with the full support of our tutor. It is packed with practical real-life activities and you will have real industry projects to undertake.