Initial Driver CPC Training is required by all new drivers intending to obtain a category C license (C1, C1+E, C and C+E) or D (D1, D1+E, F, D or D+E)and those drivers who were issued with a Category C(C1, C1+E, C and C+E) or D (D1, D1+E, F, D or D+E) Driving license and temporary tag on or after the 10th September 2008 for Category D and 10th September 2009 for category C.


  • To make drivers aware of how they can reduce fuel costs; reduce environmental impact and wear and tear on vehicles.
  • To enable drivers to reduce the risk of fire and be aware of actions to take in the event of a vehicle/workplace fire.
  • To enable drivers to reverse safely with/without an assistant.
  • To make drivers aware of how they can improve the company’s image.
  • To enable drivers to manage and treat a first aid emergency.
  • To give drivers an awareness of Manual Handling as it relates to their job.

The Initial Driver CPC course will cover the following 5 topics in depth:

  • Fire Safety Awareness and Vehicle Safety Checks/Hazard Awareness
  • Reversing Vehicles and Working Time/Drivers Hours
  • Customer Care and Coping at the Sharp End
  • Emergency Treatment and Manual Handling
  • Saving Fuel and Driving Safely


Course details & dates

Course Length: 63 Hours
Price: TBC
Venue: Hamrun


send an e-mail to or call 21231015 for upcoming courses