An Insight into Operations

What is the Institute of Operations Management?
The Institute of Operations Management (IOM) is the principal UK professional society for operations management in manufacturing, service industries and the public sector. IOM is a membership body within The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) – CILT(UK); and International Associate for APICS in Great Britain.

What’s in it for me?
IOM membership gives you the tools you need to realise your ambitions and progress throughout your career by keeping you informed of the latest news and information as well as by providing unparallelled opportunities for continuous professional development – training, events, networking, career service; information services – and much, much more…

The current qualifications offered by the IOM are the Certificate, the Diploma and the Advanced Diploma in Operations Management.

This new Level 3 qualification is being developed with mandatory units which will be used by both IOM and CILT candidates, with optional units providing the technical aspect of each qualification.

Qualifications Outline

Level 3 Certificate in Operations Management – MQF Level 4

This qualification (formerly called the Introductory Certificate in Production and Inventory Management) is designed to provide an introduction to supply chain management, production and operations management and to satisfy the need for a course which is broader, more general and at a lower level than the Diploma. It is aimed at a variety of personnel:


  • From those new to the profession who require a foundation course before progressing on to the Diploma;


  • Through those already working in the field who would benefit from a wider perception of their role and have no formal qualifications;


  • To those employed in other areas which impact on or are affected by production and operations management.Level 5 Diploma in Operations Management – MQF Level 5Aimed at the needs of the young professional manager working in the field, the Diploma programme develops the participant’s knowledge and understanding of the practical areas of production and operations management, as well as his/her awareness of the human and financial issues found in modern organisations. It also addresses the internal and external factors which influence operational efficiency and examines the wider context of business strategy and competitive advantage.




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