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Malta to hold Transport & Logistics Awards with HSBC Malta’s support

Applications are open for the first Transport & Logistics Awards, organised with HSBC Bank Malta’s support, to recognise outstanding achievements of transport and logistics companies and individuals operating in these sectors in Malta.

“For the first time in Malta, the TransLog Awards will be recognising excellence in the transport, logistics and supply chain industries, all crucial sectors for Malta’s economic growth and providing employment for well over 25,000 persons,” said SSM Group Director Alex Borg, the organisers of the awards.

“These Awards will further raise Malta’s profile as a centre for transport and logistics, while being an excellent networking opportunity, not to be missed by active industry members,” Mr Borg said.

The Award categories are based on international benchmarks and values to recognise industry excellence in 12 key areas. Interested companies are invited to write to: Participation in the Awards is free of charge.

HSBC Malta’s Head of Commercial Banking Michel Cordina said: “These awards have our full support as they provide a deserved recognition to a vital sector in Malta where we can see growth potential in the future. This prestigious event helps create awareness and stimulate this important industry in Malta and the Mediterranean region. As such, the TransLog Awards complement our own initiatives to support growth in Malta’s potential to become a logistics hub This initiative forms part of the Malta Trade for Growth Fund where we dedicated €50 million towards stimulating international trade.”

“Going global is increasingly critical for Maltese companies if they are to remain competitive. With its global connections and expertise, HSBC is uniquely positioned to help companies in Malta achieve success on the global level,” said Mr Cordina.

A supply chain is the journey of a product or raw material from its source to the consumer or end-user. Every item on the market comes to the consumer via a supply chain.

Logistics is that part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.

A good transport system in logistics activities could provide better logistics efficiency, reduce operational costs, and promote service quality. A well-operated logistics system could increase the competitiveness of both government and enterprises, an important factor that is even more essential in the case of an island economy.

The deadline for participation in the first edition is Thursday 28th August 2014. The awards ceremony will be held during a gala dinner on Friday 10th October 2014. More information about the TransLog Awards is available at or on 2123 1015.