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  • Purchasing Management Courses

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SSM 13:   Developing a Procurement Strategy
SSM 14:   Understanding the Procurement Management Principles
SSM 15:   Reviewing your Procurement Structure
SSM 16:   Effective Procurement Research
SSM 17:   Effective Procurement Management
SSM 18:   System and Team Building in Procurement
SSM 19:   Capital, Revenue and MRO Techniques
SSM 20:   Advanced Procurement Management
SSM 21:   Specifying and Assuring Quality
SSM 22:   Implementing and Using the EFQM Procurement Assessment Model
SSM 23:   Improving and Measuring Your Procurement Performance
SSM 24:   Controlling Prices and Cost-Effective Expediting
SSM 25:   Drafting Specifications and Standards
SSM 26:   Supplier Selection Process
SSM 27:   Vendor Assessment and Rating
SSM 28:   Monitoring and Benchmarking Suppliers
SSM 29:   Managing your Supplier Base
SSM 30:   Supplier Positioning
SSM 31:   Analysing the Supply Market
SSM 32:   Controlling Costs and Prices
SSM 33:   Managing Relationships with Suppliers