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Supervision and Management Courses

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SSM 84:   Supervision Skills
SSM 85:   First-Line Management
SSM 86:   Leadership and Management Skills
SSM 87:   Managing Resources
SSM 88: Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management and Leadership Strategies
SSM 89:   Leadership & Team Development for Managerial Success
SSM 90:  Advanced Management: Motivation, Strategic Planning & Creative Problem Solving
SSM 91:  Leadership & Management Skills for the New Manager & SupervisorSSM 92:  Enhanced Productivity Skills: Maximising your Personal EffectivenessSSM SSM93:   The Effective & Productive Manager
SSM 94:   The Strategic Management Workshop
SSM 95:   Communication & Presentation Skills

SSM 96:   Motivating, Managing & Leading Teams: Making Teams Work
SSM 97:   Improving Performance through the Balanced Scorecard
SSM 98:   Business Planning: Practical Strategies for Organisational Success
SSM 99:   Managing Conflict, Change & Handling Difficult People
SSM 100: Leadership Vision & Organisational Reality

SSM 101: Business Process Analysis and Modelling
SSM 102: Leading High Performing Teams
SSM 103: Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organisations
SSM 104: Strategic Thinking & Business Planning
SSM 105: Time Management & Stress Reduction: